“The Road to Nowhere” completes shooting.

XBestCinema studio has completed the principal photography phase of the film “The Road to Nowhere” This March, one of the film’s major scenes was filmed. Photos from the set can be seen below. The scene involved many extras and stuntmen who took part in action sequences. The fight choreography was prepared by Dariusz Walus, a […]

Chernobyl: Men of steel at Uranium Film Festival

The documentary film “Chernobyl: Men of Steel” has been officially invited to participate in the 12th edition of the International Uranium Film Festival, which will be held between May 18-28, 2023 in Rio de Janeiro. The festival focuses on films related to nuclear energy. You can see a list of all invited films below. Click […]

“The Road to Nowhere”

About a year ago, XBestCinema film studio began work on a new feature production, the title of which is “The Road to Nowhere.” It will be an original independent film with a strong post-apo touch. Currently, the production of the film is at the stage of shooting, which is expected to be completed before the […]

A parody of the Breaking Bad series

Introducing another production that aimed to imitate/parody a well-known cultural work. This time, in cooperation with the Paranienormalni cabaret, we produced a parody of the well-known series Breaking Bad. For this production, a title board looking like the one from the series was created from scratch. One stunning computer effect was designed as well. As […]

Computer effects for “La casa de papel”

Our film studio handled the creation of computer effects for a trailer parodying the well-known TV series “La casa de papel.” The film depicts an action scene where there is an exchange of fire between police and robbers. Our task was to add all the elements that must appear in such a scene: bullet impacts, […]

Summary of the 38th Warsaw Film Festival

The 38th Warsaw Film Festival has come to an end. There were many excellent films competing in the documentary film category. The documentary film of our production “Chernobyl: Men of Steel” took third place out of sixteen films in the audience poll of the festival in the documentary film competition. Screenings of the film took […]

Recreation of a dance scene from Pulp Fiction

A couple of weeks ago, our film studio handled the production of a short film for Kabaret Nowaki aimed at promoting the Polish Cabaret Night 2023 event. The project involved creating an imitation of a dance scene from the movie “Pulp Fiction.” For this purpose, the actors (John Travolta and Uma Thurman) were cut from […]

“007 – Little is still too much”

We would like to present a very interesting project that we made for K2 Cabaret. The purpose of this production was to create a parody of a trailer for a James Bond movie. The production of this film required the use of many different filming techniques. In order to reflect the Hollywood character of the […]

Opening of the 38th Warsaw Film Festival

On October 14, the opening ceremony of the 38th edition of the Warsaw Film Festival took place. The film of our studio’s production “Chernobyl: Men of Steel” will take part in the documentary film competition and will compete with the best productions from around the world. Amadeus Kocan, the director of the film, has been […]

Documentation of the war in Ukraine

At the beginning of this year, as in previous years, we carried out a winter humanitarian action to help samosely. It turned out to be the most important one so far, as only two months after it started, Russia invaded Ukraine, and our support helped Chernobyl babushkas survive the worst of it. However, this was […]