Recreation of a dance scene from Pulp Fiction

A couple of weeks ago, our film studio handled the production of a short film for Kabaret Nowaki aimed at promoting the Polish Cabaret Night 2023 event. The project involved creating an imitation of a dance scene from the movie “Pulp Fiction.” For this purpose, the actors (John Travolta and Uma Thurman) were cut from […]

“007 – Little is still too much”

We would like to present a very interesting project that we made for K2 Cabaret. The purpose of this production was to create a parody of a trailer for a James Bond movie. The production of this film required the use of many different filming techniques. In order to reflect the Hollywood character of the […]

Funny Person – Small Talk Show

We present a talk show titled “Funny Person”. The show will feature interviews with various comedians, hosted by Karol Kopiec. The entire first season is now available to watch on YouTube. Below you can find a link to a playlist with the episodes. Program was shoot in Warsaw. It’s a listen-to-it-while-eating-kind-of-a-conversation. Preferably eating something vegan […]

Honorable Mention for „Glass Half”

Our comedy short film “Glass Halfway” has finished its film festival cycle. The film was awarded a honorable mention at the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival. It also reached semi-finals of AltFF and Couch film festivals and was officially selected for New York Flash and Poor Life Choices film festivals. Congratulations to everyone involved in […]

Skits for Kabaret Nowaki

Our film studio handled the production of a series of short skits for Kabaret Nowaki for the Opole Cabaret Night. They can be viewed at the Facebook links below. watch #1 watch #2 watch #3 watch #4

Skits for K2 Cabaret

Our studio produced a series, short comedy clips for K2 Cabaret. The materials will be shown on television at the Polish Cabaret Night. VFX and the Color Grading Breakdown of aforementioned clips can be viewed above.