The Last People of Chernobyl 3 – Cinema Screenings

On September 26 the premiere of the documentary film The Last People of Chernobyl 3 took place in Warsaw’s Cinema City Arkadia , on September 28 and 29 screenings were also held in Krakow and Wroclaw. Prior to the screening of the film on the silver screen, a meeting was held with the filmmakers and […]

The Last People of Chernobyl 3 – Official Trailer

The Last People of Chernobyl is an emotional documentary showing the lives of samosely – people who still live in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, created after the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster. In their abandoned villages, there is no running water or stores, often no electricity. Many of them are fighting the hardships of old […]

Radiation Noise – Short Documentary

Can radiation be observed? Yes, and we know that because in the archival recordings from the time of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster, one can observe a characteristic noise in the form of white flashes (dots or spots). However, the radiation level must be high enough for this effect to appear… But how high? […]

The Last People of Chernobyl 2 – Release

The film “The Last People of Chernobyl 2” tells the story of the samosely, people still living today in the areas of the exclusion zone created after the 1986 disaster. Many of them live in wooden huts without running water and sometimes without electricity in almost completely abandoned villages. Despite the harsh conditions, they don’t […]

The Last People of Chernobyl – Release

The Last People of Chernobyl is a documentary that was made during a humanitarian expedition for the samosely. It depicts the lives of people who have never come to terms with the forced evacuation ordered after the disaster at the nearby nuclear power plant. They live on contaminated land despite the bans and occupy themselves […]

Chernobyl: Life after death

A documentary film of the humanitarian action carried out by the team to the Chernobyl samosely. These are the indigenous inhabitants of Zone who never came to terms with the evacuation order and still live in their simple huts, often alone in an abandoned villages. The film was produced by XBestCinema studio. Krystian Machnik, […]

Life after death – Photo Report

An album depicting the behind-the-scenes story of the First humanitarian action to help samosely, i.e. the last indigenous residents of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The action was carried out in winter at the beginning of 2017, with a group of four people spending 3 days in the Zone. They visited grandmothers and grandfathers helping them […]