The Last Loner in Japan

The Last Loner will appear in Japan. Full distribution rights have been sold to Transformer, which will handle sales of the film in the country of the rising sun. The film will be available on DVD and streaming services. A full Japanese dubbing of the film will be done. Below is the official DVD cover.

The Last Loner – Festival Run

The Last Loner has ended his film festival run, which ran from the day of its official launch on October 14, 2019 to May 1, 2021. The film was awarded in multiple categories. Polish international film festival 2019 – Best feature film Madrid Indie Film Festival 2019 – Official Selection Jump Cuts Film Festival 2021 […]

The Last Loner on

The full-length independent film produced by XBestCinema studio “The Last Loner” is now available to Polish viewers on the VOD platform “”. The film tells a story about a young man, who enters the Zone. A place where fear and pain fills human hearts. Upon entering, he quickly learns that the zone is ruled by […]

The Last Loner on Amazon

The movie “The Last Loner” is available on Amazon from today. The film can be rented, purchased or viewed on the Amazon Prime platform in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Versions of the film with English and German localization have been prepared for these platforms. The Last Loner – The story begins […]

Alzur’s Legacy Premiere

AlsuToday marks the release of “Alzur’s Legacy”. A  fan-made feature film in the Witcher universe. XBestCinema worked on computer effects in the making of this film. Synopsis: Quarter the century after the Rivian Pogrom (the very last events from the Witcher Saga) Kaer Morhen, an old keep of the witchers from the school of the […]

The Last Loner – Final Trailer

“The Zone takes back, what man once took” Introducing the latest and final trailer for the full-length independent post-apo film “The Last Loner”. “The Last Loner” The exclusion zone is filled with radiation, unexplainable anomalies, dangerous mutants, but also people who end up there for various reasons. Into the most dangerous place on earth comes […]

The Last Loner – First Trailer

XBestCinema presents the first trailer for the feature-length independent post-apo film “The Last Loner.” The film will premiere this October. XBestCinema is responsible for the film “The Last Loner”. Realization of the trailer: Editing/Colorization – Amadeusz Kocan VFX/Animation – Bartosz Wabno Graphics – Kinga Klakla Music – Alan Bucki Sound design – Janusz Kocan

The Last Loner – Teaser

XBestCinema is proud to present: Poland’s first independent full-length Post-apo film, which will premiere on October 21 at Cinema City in Zielona Gora. “The Last Loner” “Zone takes back what was once taken from it by man”. Realization of the trailer: Editing/Colorization – Amadeus Kocan VFX/Animation – Bartosz Wabno Graphics  – Kinga Klakla Music – […]