Chernobyl: Men of Steel – Press Kit

Synopsis  The film “Chernobyl: Men of Steel” tells the story of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster from the point of view of the Samosely – the indigenous inhabitants of the villages evacuated because of radioactive contamination. Grieved by the Soviet authorities’ decision, they returned to their abandoned villages, where they live out their days. […]

The Last Loner Everyday  – Official Music Video

Introducing the official music video of the independent full-length film The Last Loner, featuring the band “Tam” with their original song titled “Everyday,” consisting of: Aleksandra Sieron, Tomek Bubien, Andrzej Pijanowski, Marek Kieloch and Jacek Jatczak.

Podcast – Creating independent ciemna

A few days ago, XBestCinema members Amadeusz Kocan and Bartosz Wabno took part in a GOcast podcast. The main point of the conversation was the creation of independent cinema in Poland. What are the challenges involved and what are the tips for someone who would like to get into filmmaking. They also presented how XBestCinema […]