The Last People of Chernobyl 2022

We present a short report on this year’s humanitarian action to help samosely. This was our last action before the war in Ukraine. The Last People of Chernobyl 2022 is a short account of humanitarian aid in Chernobyl, which took place on two expeditions in July 2021 and January 2022. The goal was to visit […]

Honorable Mention for „Glass Half”

Our comedy short film “Glass Halfway” has finished its film festival cycle. The film was awarded a honorable mention at the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival. It also reached semi-finals of AltFF and Couch film festivals and was officially selected for New York Flash and Poor Life Choices film festivals. Congratulations to everyone involved in […]

Perfect Vacuum

Recently, we have been involved in the production of a short film called “Perfect Vacuum – Golem XIV”. It is an experimental film based on the works of Stanislaw Lem. The script and concept for the film was created by Adam Lucki, a Zielona Góra-based artist. The role of the golem was played by Elzbieta […]

365 days in the exclusion zone

365 Days in Chernobyl is a short film consisting of memories from expeditions and a conversation with Krystian Machnik, who has spent more than a year of his life in the Closed Zone. The interview was conducted in a non-coincidental place and circumstances, as it was held at the home of a samosel – grandmother […]

Radiation Noise – Short Documentary

Can radiation be observed? Yes, and we know that because in the archival recordings from the time of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster, one can observe a characteristic noise in the form of white flashes (dots or spots). However, the radiation level must be high enough for this effect to appear… But how high? […]