TV report on humanitarian action in Chernobyl

During this year’s humanitarian action in Chernobyl, we were accompanied by a TVP television crew. The report can be watched at the link below. It starts at 25:45. Bozhidar Pajak, “The Last People of Chernobyl” An extraordinary journey to Ukraine – to people who, against prohibitions, returned to Chernobyl – the site of the biggest […]

Skits for Kabaret Nowaki

Our film studio handled the production of a series of short skits for Kabaret Nowaki for the Opole Cabaret Night. They can be viewed at the Facebook links below. watch #1 watch #2 watch #3 watch #4

“Question for Breakfast” – Interview about Chernobyl

Today, Krystian Machnik of and Amadeusz Kocan of XBestCinema appeared live on the morning program “Question for Breakfast” on TVP2. Both have been involved for years in humanitarian actions in the Closed Zone and in the series of films called The Last People of Chernobyl, which document the lives of samosely (people who to […]

Skits for K2 Cabaret

Our studio produced a series, short comedy clips for K2 Cabaret. The materials will be shown on television at the Polish Cabaret Night. VFX and the Color Grading Breakdown of aforementioned clips can be viewed above.

35 years since the Chernobyl explosion. What is life like in the closed zone?

April 26 will mark 35 years since the explosion of the Chernobyl power plant. Although the entire contaminated area has been closed, people still live there. What is life like in the shadow of the great tragedy? On Good Morning TVN on this topic was discussed by Amadeusz Kocan, a director from XBestCinema and Krystian […]

Morning TV Interview about Chernobyl

Today, Amadeusz Kocan of XBestCinema and Krystian Machnik of appeared on the TV show “Question for Breakfast.” The main point of the program was the humanitarian actions carried out to help the indigenous inhabitants of the exclusion zone and the documentary film The Last People of Chernobyl 3, which is being made in parallel […]