A parody of the Breaking Bad series

Introducing another production that aimed to imitate/parody a well-known cultural work. This time, in cooperation with the Paranienormalni cabaret, we produced a parody of the well-known series Breaking Bad. For this production, a title board looking like the one from the series was created from scratch. One stunning computer effect was designed as well. As […]

Recreation of a dance scene from Pulp Fiction

A couple of weeks ago, our film studio handled the production of a short film for Kabaret Nowaki aimed at promoting the Polish Cabaret Night 2023 event. The project involved creating an imitation of a dance scene from the movie “Pulp Fiction.” For this purpose, the actors (John Travolta and Uma Thurman) were cut from […]

“007 – Little is still too much”

We would like to present a very interesting project that we made for K2 Cabaret. The purpose of this production was to create a parody of a trailer for a James Bond movie. The production of this film required the use of many different filming techniques. In order to reflect the Hollywood character of the […]